Venice Vision
Los Angeles
Venice Vision
Dreaming of an endless summer where the sun shines bright, the breeze is warm, and the palm trees sway? Wake up to the multicultural mecca of Venice Vision just a splash away from downtown LA.


Wander over the threshold of this visionary home on the Venice Canals, and enter an atmosphere of global decor and sustainable living. Immerse yourself in multicultural design with modern edge. Designed by legendary architect, Stephen Ehrlich, as his family home, this structure feels like an aspirational globe trotter, full of stories, adventures and lots of show and tell.


Inspired by his travels in Africa and Japan, Ehrlich designed the home with three separate courtyards to create a Zen-like flow. Doors to each courtyard reach for the sky and glide away from sight to allow that signature California beach breeze in. One courtyard leads to a pool whose purpose is more than something to dip your toe into, it adds a natural cooling effect to the home without the need for air conditioning. A wooden, Japanese-inspired staircase connects to a glass bridge giving the sense of walking on air. Each detail in the home has sustainability in mind creating the perfect tone of global green.


When you find yourself California dreamin’ this location has it all. With organic elements filling the home and eco-living at the forefront of design, this is the ideal location for sustainable branded photoshoots. Grab a green juice — in a recyclable or reusable bottle, of course — and envision the campaign of your dreams at Venice Vision.

Los Angeles
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