Orange County
Laguna Beach
Earth-child meets haute-couture. A zen home with high style, modern design and incredible views.

Hallelujah Driftwood! We are enraptured with this divine domicile.


A mid-century former church in born again as a sanctuary for an adventuresome family.
Re-envisioned and repurposed, this cavernous space that once held a large congregation is now carved into a well crafted home. The transformation is a testament to the vision and collaboration of the homeowner/designer and their architect experienced in non-secular spaces and bespoke residential projects. Truly a match made in heaven!


In a leap of faith, the owners ripped up the linoleum flooring to reveal unfinished concrete floors which are blessed with many stains and imperfections that, now polished, add a soulful patina to the home. Akin to offerings, this well travelled family has anointed the decor with global artifacts and repurposed objects. Pedestrian and earthy materials like brick, stone, hydes, and metals tone down the lofty spaces and ground them with their inherent earthy delights. Colors and materials pulled from nature connect the interior to the outdoors. Framed by the foothills of Laguna Canyon and blessed with endless ocean views… The sprawling property is like a Garden of Eden.


We are grateful to have this “holy moly” home in our portfolio! Logistics for the spiritual space are an answer to our prayers. What was once a church parking lot is now ample acreage that can easily accommodate large shoots and crews. Book your next production at Driftwood and join the fellowship, we have faith that you will be a convert too!

Orange County
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