Yippee Aye Oh
Oak Knoll
Yippee Aye Oh
Red or White? And Blue too! This Napa Valley barn is as All American as the 4th of July!


Kitsch meets kit. This 800 sq ft barn was ordered online and delivered a few months later. Akin to a grown up version of Legos, except in spruce planks instead of plastic logs and one-and-a-half stories high instead of cowgirl Barbie dream house size. This mail-order structure is a modern approach to a timeless classic – techno barn raising!


Vintage rules in this roadside attraction. The owner is a contractor and she cleverly installed and repurposed a truck load of antique finds to finish the interior. Smitten with the kitchenette! A combination of salvaged wood and galvanized sheet metal from an 1880’s barn mix it up to create an island for entertaining, and the chicken wire pendants top it all off.


The charms of this retro red haute barn take the chores out of production work! Ideal for events too… Easy logistics at the Napa farmstead, 2 acres of ease and accessibility. Ditch the masks for bandanas and giddy on up here!

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