Slow Dance
South Bay
Slow Dance
A rustic Italian manor + city-chic glamor? We’re in amore with this abode!

The Vibe

While earthy exterior elegance practically transports you to Tuscany, an immaculate interior takes its cues from contemporary artistic flair. Great room grandeur gives way to sophisticated serenity, as sparkling slabs of marble attract attention among ubiquitous upscale finishes. Antique wood featured in exposed cathedral ceilings strikingly contrasts with modern architectural lines accented by custom stone inlays and plush furnishings.

The Scoop

Home to a verteran vintner, this villa has the vivaciousness and versatility of a classic champagne. Gracefully gesturing to old-world opulence, ancient cypress trees grow across the grounds. The deep cerulean of a sunken swimming pool melts into the rustic beige of surrounding stonework, while glimpses of green through floor-to-ceiling windows furnish each room with perfect pops of color.

The Details

Don’t let the country vibes of this chateau cloud its convenience! Under an hour from multiple major airports, kick back in knowing you couldn’t be closer to the sizzle of Silicon Valley, stunning sights of San Francisco, or electric eccentricity of the East Bay. Bring your cars, your crews, and say ciao to your new city-center castello!

South Bay
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