Neutral Territory
Glen Ellen
Neutral Territory
A Sonoma Valley weekend WOW house that is a a modern response to the Spanish haciendas of California’s Mission era.

The Vibe

Earthy and elegant, this modern hacienda is the epitome of the Sonoma lifestyle – entertaining, lounging, dining, and no whining (just wine)! Nestled on 37 acres and surrounded by trees, it is private yet inviting, zen and zealous.

The Details

The sustainably designed home mixes old style features like an open courtyard with modern details that blur the divisions between the indoors and the outdoors — the white-walled interior and the greenery outside. The sparse, simple, organic decor allows for Mother Nature to be the interior decorator.

The Scoop

A picture perfect shoot location for rustic, upscale decor and furniture, eco-technology, and lifestyles for the rich, famous and fabulous. 90 minutes from San Francisco yet a world away.

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