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Muy Bonita
An Oasis of high design in the Desert - a dreamy adobe that is Muy Bonita!


This chic compound is the brainchild of an architect and her furniture-designer partner. This uber creative couple has transformed a once dilapidated ranch property into a Instagramable idyll in the heart of the Yucca Valley. “The idea was to create rigid and minimal architectural lines with steel and combine those lines with organic materials such as wood, concrete and leather.” The result is a stylish escape that embraces minimal, restrained, and mindful design inspired by the desert landscape.


Part refurb part new build, the 2800 sq ft stucco-fronted property sits on 7.5 acres of stunning, stark, high desert terrain. The designer duo envisioned the dwelling in response to the serene energy and striking, expansive environment. Resulting in home that features clean lines and a soothing nature-inspired palette. The colors of the house are muted to match the shades of sand and the dirt road that stretch outside. The living room’s large sliding glass doors make guests feel immersed in nature. The partners envisioned and built furniture for the house with the intention of allowing light to pass through the spaces unencumbered – like a warm breeze. Everything is customized, down to the tiny curtain brackets. The duo used as many natural materials as possible; lime plaster lines the walls, recycled rock creates the terrazzo, and the marble is repurposed from other construction projects.


While Muy Bonita was conceived as a peaceful refuge for stressed city dwellers, as a photo shoot location it packs a punch! With a multitude of sexy spaces interior and exterior, everywhere you look is a Kodak moment. Only 90 minutes from LA metro with a regional airport nearby, you can be ready to roll before the sun heats up the set.

Palm Springs
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