Mad Max
Los Angeles
Mad Max
Stunning and secluded, this edgy modern mansion is perched high atop the Santa Monica mountains. Utopian living for the well-heeled survivor - Charlize Theron would feel right at home...

The Vibe: This property is truly the best of both worlds; part modern architectural masterpiece, part natural California surroundings. Feel yourself inhale a deep, relaxed breath as you take in the sweeping mountain landscape and ocean views from the state of the art modern home that seamlessly blends indoor-outdoor living.

The Details: An architecture aficionado’s dream, this modern gem boasts gorgeous views out over the Pacific, as well as the natural surroundings of the Southern California mountain landscape. Made of iron beams, monolithic concrete slabs, wood, and glass, the house features stunning details like a slide-away fireplace, infinity pool, native plant garden, and oversized slide-away doors. Full kitchen, expansive living area, 4 beds & 3 baths, plus plenty of outdoor space!

The Scoop: This location allows you to feel completely secluded yet it’s close to civilization so logistics are a breeze…It’s the perfect spot for a motion or still shoot (or an extra special event) so take advantage of both the home’s pristine natural surroundings as well as its impressive modern design. This ain’t Fury Road…

Los Angeles
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