South Bay
Portola Valley
See the forest AND the trees! Geoscape is all about balance

The Vibe

Posh and pragmatic, sleek and spacious – architecture highlights the opulent openness of this hillside-chiseled chateau. A sophisticated and simple interior never tries to upstage its surroundings, instead relying on relaxed décor and open-concept layouts to do the heavy lifting. With views visible from every light-filled room, we know this relaxing retreat will inspire.

The Details

Take full advantage of nearly six spectacular acres of abundant natural light, whimsical wildflowers, and old-growth trees. Repose between rolling hills in unobtrusive elegance, then seamlessly step indoors, where ranch-style meets refined in a svelte setup. Let yourself be lulled by structural simplicity and modern minimalism that accentuate artistic aesthetics — textures of custom wooden walls, or coastal California flora visible through floor-to-ceiling glass.

The Scoop

With Portola Valley’s proximity to both San Francisco and Silicon Valley, this hillside hideaway is about as lovely a location as it gets! Your vehicles can be as versatile as your vision, with plentiful parking. And 360 isn’t just the number of degrees from which you’ve got views — it’s just about the number of days each year you can plan for perfect Northern California weather.

South Bay
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