Santa Barbara
Dreams do come true... Love at first sight… believe in Fairytales! Join me for the story of Chickadee, nestled in the hamlet of Ojai, the perfect home for magical moments, surprises, and lullabies...


The tale begins with a busy mother of two (our ‘damsel in distress’) stumbling upon the property and falling in love. One look was all it took – the 100-year-old white gabled farmhouse with a covered porch, surrounded by a cluster of dwellings and tucked into a corner lot with a cascading yard framed by heritage oak trees stole her heart. The owner/designer envisioned a family compound that wove the structures together in a timeless manner. Locally sourced stone fireplaces inside and out, expansive porches and terraces, heritage wooden floors, claw foot bathtubs, vegetable gardens, and chicken coop would evoke a humble but luxurious lifestyle, a style personified by this delightful family. A few years later, her dream came true…


Old meets new in this sprawling single-family compound. It’s a concoction of cottage-like structures artfully strung together to house a growing family. The designer/owner painstakingly researched, vetted and curated every detail of this fabled property’s remodel and re-envisioning. It is a living lesson in balance, keeping the character of a legacy home yet updating it to accommodate the marvels of modern living. The extensive original custom woodwork and hand-crafted columns throughout the homestead were preserved, and each structures’ foundation of local river stones lend the home a forever feeling. Sprinkled like fairy dust are thoughtful touches that transform us from the past to the present, reminding us that traditions are important, but we create our own magic!


Situated on nearly an acre on a quiet street corner, this enchanting estate has lots of room for Sleeping Beauty, the Seven Dwarfs, and your entire production crew. Remember the fairy tale of the Ugly Ducking? Well, Chickadee saw its reflection and knows it is a swan… This location is ideal for any production seeking a place to create a legend!

Santa Barbara
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