Rural Rock-N-Roll. This striking wine country retreat is an instant top ten hit!

The Vibe

Farm charm meets city slick in this pastoral-posh pad. Chic charcoal tones add the base beat throughout this country compound, while high notes of modern Nordic décor are interwoven throughout the interior. This dazzling domicile’s decorative harmony leaves the solo to the luxe landscape and every room sings!

The Details

Just like a tight quartet, several structures sit atop the expansive lush landscaping, creating a balanced riff on a rustic retreat. Open-concept architecture and gliding glass offer glimpses of a swanky swimming pool, complete with sweeping views of verdant valleys and vibrant vineyards – well played!

The Scoop

Escape from city commotion to nonchalant Napa, without giving up convenience. Just 45 minutes from Bay Area bustle, this wine country abode affords whimsical weather, easy access, and opulent options for any array of artistic endeavors – this location deserves a standing ovation!

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