South Bay
Like a spaceship caught in mid-flight, Apollo hovers in the canopy of a dense oak grove in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains just west of Silicon Valley.

The Vibe

The concept for this radical, revolutionary house came into focus clearly and quickly— float a glass box in the leaves of the trees on two trunk-like columns, disrupting as few oaks as possible. The lush foliage surrounding the structure offers the opportunity to build a complete glass-walled house, protected from the direct rays of the sun, yet filled with dappled sunlight. Like being on your own private planet!

The Details

A bridge of steel grating connects grade to the rooftop of native grasses. An observation deck sits in the grass field along with a garage/foyer of zinc panels and mirror glass. Abundant natural light funnels down through the foyer pouring puddles of light into the living level. The main living area is nestled into the tree canopy while bedrooms, bathrooms, service, and storage are located behind a long wall of cabinetry along the hillside. Distinct spaces (the living room, the office, and the kitchen) are delineated spatially in the open plan by layering them into the polished concrete floor.

Minimalism is the Mantra. In the sunken office, all surfaces— flooring, desk, and cabinetry— are milled from a single slab of Chinese pistachio. The sunken living room is filled with bespoke puffy purple pillows, like a posh trampoline! In the kitchen/dining room, an extravagantly long counter of white composite quartz continues the kitchen work surface into the dining table. In the ceiling, flush mounted LED strips illuminate to articulate these zones.

The Scoop

The spaceship like home is ready for lift off! Ideal for tech, modern décor, futuristic fashion, and automotive shoots, it’s a launch pad for productions with creative edge.

South Bay
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