Sunkist Steel
Palm Springs
Yucca Valley
Sunkist Steel
Rebar reboot! Steel meets nature in a simply elegant and intelligent modern structure that shimmers in the dusty sunlight of the California High Desert.

The Vibe

Imagine if the Flintstones time traveled to meet the Jetsons – Sunkist Steel would be their ideal analog setting. This modern house is nestled amid piñon and juniper trees and outcroppings of massive boulders. The clever steel frame allows the house to float above the wilderness—a concession to the lightness on the land that its owner, architects, and engineers so clearly embraced, envisioned and executed.

The Details

This small home lives large! Sliding glass doors in all rooms bring the outside in — making the space feel expansive and open. A large front deck is accessed from the living room and the kitchen. Two identical bedrooms with private patios complete the balanced and fluid floor plan. Furnishings are simple, sleek and organic.

The Scoop

This unique ‘hybrid pre-fab’ home rocks – literally! The unworldly landscape of weathered boulders and ancient trees host this crisp, clean modernist structure in an ultra private setting. Action still photo and video for outdoor apparel and equipment, and a modern mashup of two beloved cartoon classics – Dino and Astro would love it!

Palm Springs
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