Couture Cabin
Mill Valley
Couture Cabin
We've got a big crush on this classy, sassy, contradictory joint. Our latest location is a yin yang of opposites. It's complicated ...but in all the right ways!

The Vibe

Cool eclectic – this edgy single family home is a sack full of attitude and style; modern and boho, clean lines and haughty angles, bright light and midnight corners…. it’s a space that rock and rolls.

The Details

From it’s 1950’s lava rock fireplace to the out of the box deep dark cabinetry, this house proves that for ‘now’ design and decor – diversity is the new denominator. Recycled wood from the original homestead, a free loving commune, is peppered throughout the home. Truly a modern love shack! We are smitten with the lighting fixtures which range from Zsa Zsa glamour to industrial chic.

The Scoop

Tucked in over the river and through the redwoods, yet just minutes from downtown ‘Beverly Mills’, our Couture Cabin is very private. Hence, production logistics are a breeze; plenty of parking and whisper quiet – an anomaly for Mill Valley. This location is a Kodak moment for all genres!

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