Film & Photo

At Mint, we focus on just one thing: providing access to the most exceptional estates, villas, ranches, mansions, lofts and fabulous homes in Northern California. With a carefully edited collection of properties and extensive experience in production, you can on count on Mint Locations for the direction and settings that bring great ideas to life. So dream a little dream. Or better yet, a big one.

Take a tour of website, peruse our spaces and places; then give us a call, we'd love to assist in anyway.

Free File Pulls

At Mint, we are confident that you will find the perfect place for your next shoot.  We invite you to search our location files by region or by style. Our database of properties is online and can be viewed on your time and on our dime.

Pay Only When You Play

When you are ready to book a location, a contract & invoice are generated. A booking fee of $500 is added to the negotiated day rate per location and any additional charges (can include site representatives and cleaning charges). Payment is generally due prior to occupancy.

Reasonable Rates

We do not publish rates for one reason - each shoot is unique. Rates are negotiated based on the scope of the shoot, size of crew, duration, and other variables. Generally rates begin at $2000 per day for a ten-hour day and move upwards to $5000 per day. Our standard rate is $2500 per location for a 16 +/- person crew, ten-hour day, photo shoot and $3500 for a 25 +/- person crew, ten-hour day video shoot. One tech scout is included in the negotiated rate, additional pre-production site visits are subject to up charge.

We Want to Make it EASY for You

Once you have edited your selection of options with one click you can create PDF documents, email images, and interface with your client and crew.  We are very service centric so let us know what you need to please your client. We love making our producers look good – makes us feel good.

Need to See the Locations Live?

We are happy to arrange for pre-scouts and will create an itinerary for you for a minimal fee. Typically we charge $100 per location, which is then credited if and when you book your Mint Location. When a Mint representative is required to tour the pre-scout a ½ day fee of $500 is charged with a $200 credit, for a full day $750 is charged with a $300 credit. We are available to shoot additional images to match storyboards or specific criteria at a fee of $100 per property.

Can’t Find It?

We aspire to keep our location library current, however, if you do not see the perfect place, please contact Mint; we may have a few in our queue and up our sleeve.

Still Can’t Find It?

We are happy to do field scouting within a four hour radius of San Francisco at a rate of $750 for a full day (ten-hours) and $500 for a ½ day (five-hours) plus expenses of mileage, meals and lodging (if required). Should you book a location sourced on a field scout, the first time booking fee of $500 will be waived.

Need More Help?

We can help with permits, location managers, parking information, travel arrangements and local crew. At Mint we appreciate your business and know you are busy. Please let us assist in any way we can. Contact Mint with any questions about how we work and how we can be of service!